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About the Region:

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, so it should not surprise you to learn that they have been growing coffee since the 1700's. The Brazilian coffee industry has gone through phases of support and ideology. One of the biggest set backs was when both national and international agencies put a cap on the import and export levels. This eroded the small local coffee farming community and shifted the country's focus from quality to quanity. Thankfully since the 1990's those quotas have been removed and allowed for a
resurgence in the Brazilian specialty coffee industry.

Today, domestic coffee consumption in Brazil is on the rise. A recent survey approximates that Brazilians
drink over 79 liters of coffee per year!

How Our Coffee's Grown:

A majority of Brazilian coffee is grown in the southeastern part of the country (Minas Gerais/Sao Paulo/Parana) because of its favorable temperatures year round. The terrain is mostly made up of rugged rolling hills. A majority of the coffee is harvested in the summer months and processed using the dry process. This requires the coffee to be left outside for approximately ten days before the hulling (removing the outer shell) process begins so the beans can then be sorted. The farming industry is generally consistent, but can be negatively affected by frost or extended droughts. Due to Brazil’s large share of the market a slow down in production can have a significant influence
on global prices.

What Makes This Batch Special?

Our coffee uses Arabica beans which is the most common type in Brazil. When you sit down and grind your first batch of Brazilian coffee there are a few flavors to be on the look out for. A great Brazilian coffee has a soft nutty flavor while also having very low acidity. Your coffee is roasted with 80% yellow bourbon and 20% mundo novo coffee beans from a single origin. Our coffee has a wonderful floral aroma with hints of vanilla & almond. Brazilian coffee is rich in history and flavor. You won’t be disappointed! Try our Brazilian Cerrado Coffee today!